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Note: Visa card are not acceptable now.
Please select  purpose such as staff salary, living fee.When you send money to us.
Must not be wroten some like: Order or Business any commercial use.

Now,You can make one order from best peptides supplier with following payments ways:
1.Western Union
(Please do not use a fixed exchange rate remittances, because Chinese domestic withdrawals based on real-time exchange rates)
2.Wire Transfer
3.Master Card.JCB.AE.Credit Card.(note:not more than 600 dollars within 24hour)
4.Money Gram. (RRN:MG31865504)

5. Western Union online to bank account

 Choose China  first

The reason why credit card payments are unsuccessful
1.the information is incomplete, error or terminated payment. When consumers fill out credit card information, incomplete or wrong information, banks can not or refuse to charge.
2.Unauthorized transactions. Consumers to pay for the card is a 3D card, and not paid to fill out the 3D verification code. Therefore, the system will be sentenced for unauthorized transactions, and refused to charge. cards, stolen cards, copy cards. Consumers to pay for the card system screening for the  black card, Pirates of the card, copy card, and other illegal card, the system refused to charge.
4.the card balance is less than or card expired. Consumers to pay for the cards beyond his line of credit or card had validity.
5.the risk areas to pay. Consumers pay the IP from the international credit card organizations as high-risk areas, the system will judge high-risk transactions, and refused to charge. Such as: Venezuela
6.cross-border and trans-regional payment transactions. Non-consumers to pay for the card the card of their own, there is a suspicion of stolen card spending, so the system will be rated as high analysis transactions, and refused to charge. problems. Paid by consumers when network access is slow or other network problems, repeat refresh payment page result in multiple submit to pay an application or system fails to receive payment applications.
8.the same IP duplicate payments several times within a short time. Consumers pay many times repeat a short time on the same IP, there are cash, money laundering, fraud and other illegal acts suspect. The system refused to charge.
9.the single payment limit is too high. The single payment limit beyond the largest single consumer card payment limits or beyond the the receivables limits of the system to set the highest single.

10.poor trading record card. Consumers for payment card, there is a bad record of the transaction, such as non-payment.
11.the card issuing bank refuses to be charged. The issuing bank refused to charge consumers consumption, the specific reasons the consumer to contact his card issuer, to understand the reasons for denial.
12.foreigners use a credit card for a long time did not go to the repayment, the bank did not want to close the money, it will result in the payment unsuccessful.

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