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Sermorelin Acetate and HGH Treatment Research Results
The top priority in anyone’s life is the person’s health. Wellbeing and physical performance depend on specific factors, the most important of which being the growth hormones. When a person feels unsatisfied with their body and fall behind others during physical performance, then there are specific products created in laboratories after strenuous bio-technological research. Such products are of great benefit to individuals who need more growth hormones in their system.

Sermorelin Acetate has a similar structure to CJC-1295 and is a biologically created hormone which offers a great contribution towards increasing HGH volumes. Human Growth Hormone is released by the body and rules the duration and creation of cells in various organs of the body. When a person is young, their body produces the most HGH levels when the growth is at the most significant point. After a person reaches 30 years old, there is a decrease in the HGH formation of 14% for every decade of life. Once a person reaches 40 years old, the HGH formation is at about 40% of the rate from which it was at the age of 20. With a greater boost in the Growth Hormone Releasing Factors, or GHRF, such as altered GRF 1-29, the HGH formation may continue by stimulating the pituitary gland.

Research Results of Sermorelin Acetate
Ever since the year 1980, researches have been analysing GHRH. Dr. D. Rudman utilized Sermorelin Acetate for reasons associated with maturing processes. Dr. William Wehrenberg analysed various kinds of peptides, especially GHRH, so as to find out which component is necessary for causing a reaction from the pituitary gland. The results that were gathered from removing individual amino acids showed that 29-corrosive chains were what controlled pituitary stimulation. Various in-depth studies are based on the presumption that Sermorelin Acetate is a simple that lasts under typical situations. Furthermore, it is appropriate for usage in stimulant testing growth hormone deficiency. In the year 1999, two specialists named Goa and Prakash tested Sermorelin Acetate Growth Hormone as a stimulant test method for the lack of endogenous G-hormone. Sermorelin Acetate contributed towards increasing hormone levels that were emitted by the strengthened pituitary gland. It was then converted to IGF-1 by the liver. The increase in IGF-1 within the circulatory system induces multiple benefits from using Sermorelin Acetate: Digestive system expansion and the formation of new cells in the organs and bones of the body.

Sermorelin Acetate vs HGH Treatment

Lipodystrophy is the name of a medical condition involving the rapid accumulation of fat tissue, which is usually dispersed unbalanced in certain parts of the body. Some examples are the stomach, hips, legs, and the lower back. Basically, lipodystrophy is similar to the increase in muscle to fat ratio that occurs as people grow older; it also accumulates in certain uneven body areas. The Journal of the American Medical Association, or JAMA, conducted a test in 2008 focused on the effects of tesamorelin, which is a peptide similar to Sermorelin Acetate, and how it affected men suffering from lipodystrophy and HIV.

The research also showed that patients developed larger, lean muscles and less fat due to Sermorelin Acetate, which also boosted the total performance of the body. It was safer than using growth hormones because it did not lead to diabetes or muscle and joint pain.
This product is NOT intended to prevent, treat, or cure disease conditions or to affect the structure or function of the body. The sale of this product is restricted to research applications ONLY. This product is NOT for human consumption. This product can be harmful if ingested. Picture may differ from actual product.

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