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Since I was not seeing my sweetheart until this weekend I chose to take 10 units (0.1 cc) on Thursday at around 8pm to test it out. It did take a while to completely break in around 6 hours, however when it did, it was extraordinary. I continued getting hard now and again throughout the night, until about twelve the following day.I blended the PT-141, 50 units on the diabetes syringe to get 1mg. I am 72 and have languished weakness over a few years, and this stuff provides for me a feeling of great confidence so I am able to perform aggressively. The combination of Bremelanotide and a half-measurement of Viagra provides for me great satisfaction.  I think that this brand-new feeling of rich certainty is similar to an influential upper for me, and may not be because of the drug's synthetic activity? I have been one of the lucky ones and have not encountered any reactions, in this way. My body weight is 200 lbs. and I have not pushed measurements past 1.2mg. I have a yen to attempt it at 1.5mg, however as individual test before I attempt it with a co-plotter."

I started with the dose of 1.5 mg and surely it was excessively high. My erection kept going 8-10 hours. The dosage was taken at 7:00 PM and the impacts broke in at around 11:30-12:00.

3 hours after infusion bremelanotide PT-141 hit like gangbusters. We were sitting in the parlor territory of a restaurant when my under locales made themselves known. Expanded affectability to any development I made in my seat i.e. moving or leg crossing. This was coupled with expanded sexual contemplations. It is troublesome not to think in sexual terms when some body parts are requesting your consideration! My spouse had a troublesome time getting up from his seat to try and methodology the restaurant table. Next time we will time the infusions better J

Uplifted affectability, a generally "feel great" impact, on and off rock hard erections for quite a long time, numerous personality desensitizing climaxes! To say we are awed with the impacts of bremelanotide PT-141 is putting it mildly. Viagra, Cialis and so on aren't even in the same ballpark.

I took 1mg of PT-141 the first night, the ordinary response was normal, a warm fluffy feeling that simply place me in the disposition, not that I have to be placed in the mind-set, yet it concocts for a decent rationalization. My spouse likewise utilized PT-141. After our first go around we went to rest ever so euphoric and tired from the day. Around 2:00am I stirred with the craziest feeling, practically like when I was back in school I mean I simply needed to have intercourse again and there was no letting me know no, so I moved my spouse over and took what I required. Not that he was whining following I'm not narrowing minded and the force of my pleasure climax was the best I can recollect lately.

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