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buy HCG (human Chorionic gonadotropin) injections online,fast shipment, buy HCG injections online from best supplier, hcg injections sale online, Human chorionic gonadotropin is commercially available as a glycoprotein powder which is diluted with bacteriostatic water to prepare anabolic steroids for muscle building and fitness exercise. HCG is introduced to the bloodstream using intramuscular or subcutaneous injections. HCG is available in several commercial variants like Total HCG, pituitary HCG, intact HCG, C-terminal peptide total HCG, free β-subunit and β-core fragment HCG, hyperglycosylated HCG, nicked HCG and  alpha HCG.

Standard HCG constitution includes 237 amino acids. The alpha-subunits are structurally similar to natural steroids, and trigger secretion of luteinizing hormones (LH), follicle stimulating hormones (TSH) and thyroid stimulating hormones (TSH). In males, HCG is helps in secretions of testosterone and operates like any anabolic steroid. LH acts upon the Leydig cells in gonads to cause the trigger. Furthermore they maintain and restore testes size in case of suppressions from previous steroid cycles. HCG also improves production of estrogen in females, and ovulation and pregnancy processes.

β-Subunits are structurally novel and display properties unique to HCG. HCG is gender independent and sourced from serum or urine of pregnant females. However, as of December 2011 it has been banned as an ‘over the counter’ medication and the purchase must be accompanied by prescription.

How it Works

  • Increasing Muscle Bulk, Building Muscle Mass – Longer endurance cycles for muscle training or heavy weight training for fitness professionals have long used HCG as a popular anabolic steroid solution. HCG effects are prominent over long cycles even as hypothalamic-pituitary-testes axis (HPTA) and their response gets suppressed.
  • Last couple of weeks in your steroid cycle. Standard recommended dosage is 5000 ui/ml. The package contains 10 vials of 5000 iu each, which must be mixed with 1 ml of water to keep the consistency. Shooting 500 to 1000 iu/ml in one five day cycle is recommended.

Warning:  Avoid overdose by understanding the concentration details clearly. Studies reveal even lower testosterone level requirement for an average male.  People with past history of gynecomastia or gynecological problems must avoid it lest the problem worsens. A strong aromatizing agent, HCG causes rise in estrogen/ testosterone levels which can cause discomfort. Co-administer anti-aromatizing agents: arimidex, letrozole or liquidex until the effects subside.

Understanding the Concentration

On the graduated insulin syringe marking, the 100iu mark is equal to 1ml. REMEMBER NOT TO ASSUME THAT FILLING IT TO THE 100IU MARK MEANS 100IU OF HCG! Iu's are metrics of potency and NOT volume or weight.  If your HCG solution is 5,000iu/ml with HCG versus water (by volume) ratio, you will have 5,000iu/ml HCG even if you fill the syringe up to 100iu mark!

E.g. your supply vial is 5000iu. If you need a 500iu shot, mix your vial content with 1 ml bacteriostatic solution (so it becomes 5000 iu/ml), now inject 10iu on the insulin syringe scale.

HCG and bacteriostatic water

  1. Both mix easily, but avoid foaming, stirring or shaking since HCG is highly unstable at room temp.
  2. Maintain a lower concentration to avoid overdose in case of any doubt.
  3. Gently take off the back water by running it down when re-constituting product.
hcg levels begin to decline at 48h and approach baseline at 72h.
HCG fatory :Yantai Beifang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

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