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buy HCG (human Chorionic gonadotropin) injections online at our store.human Chorionic gonadotropin for weight loss.hcg injections sale online, Human chorionic gonadotropin is essentially a synthetic glycoprotein powder which can be mixed with water diluents and injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously into our body. Typically composed of 237 amino acids, the HCG hetero-dimer structure has an alpha-subunit which triggers luteinizing hormones (LH), follicle stimulating hormones (TSH) and thyroid stimulating hormones (TSH). The beta-subunit of HCG is unique to this kind of product.

In males, HCG is a useful for maintaining high testosterone concentrations, working as an anabolic steroid. LH invokes the Leydig cells in gonads to increase the secretion. It also restored testes size in case of suppressions from previous cycle. HCG also improves production of estrogen in females, and ovulation and pregnancy processes.

HCG is gender independent in efficacy.

How is HCG sourced?

Natural sources of HCG or similar alpha-subunits are serum or urine of a pregnant woman. The United States FDA has banned HCG as a counter medication or drugstore medication in December 2011. Purchase of HCG must be accompanied by medical prescription now.

Advantages of HCG

  1. Between or outside steroid cycles, it can be very useful for increasing testosterone production, and maintaining testicle size during a steroid cycle, even if the natural LH secretion is deficient.
  2. Encourages higher sperm production, blood volume and is a vital part of HRT (Hormone replacement therapy).
  3. HCG is highly beneficial for long endurance or muscle mass building cycles. Even if HPTA gets suppressed, HCG effects are very prominent over such durations. The average HCG cycle runs from 48-72 hours of peak performance. Helpful for building bulk muscle mass and fitness.


  1. In case of past history of gynecomastia or gynecological problems, it could worsen the problem with sudden spike in testosterone levels. Anti-aromatizing agents like letrozole, liquidex or arimidex need to be co-administered to mitigate effects.
  2. If the testes themselves are the limiting factor, HCG is unable to target the issue.

HCG Dosage Concentration

Buy a U100 graduated insulin syringe.The 100iu mark corresponds to 1ml by volume. THIS IS NOT SAME AS FILLING IT UP TO 100IU MARK TO TAKE  100IU OF HCG! Iu's are metrics of how effective the solution is, not weight or volume.  If your HCG solution is 5,000iu/ml with HCG versus water (by volume) ratio, you will have 5,000iu/ml HCG even if you fill the syringe up to 50iu mark!

E.g. your supply vial is 10,000iu. If you need a 1000iu shot, mix your vial content with 1 ml bacteriostatic solution (so it becomes 10,000 iu/ml) , now inject 10iu on the insulin syringe scale.

Bacteriostatic water

  1. Available online from several medical and chemist locations. Choose the 0.9% sodium chloride level solution. HCG and Bacteriostatic water mix quite easily
  2. HCG, both as re-constituted or vial solution, is highly unstable. Be careful not to shake or foam it.
  3. Gently take off the back water by running it down during re-constituting process.
  4. As a general rule of thumb, lower concentration is always better in case of doubt. Avoid overdose
hcg levels begin to decline at 48h and approach baseline at 72h.
HCG fatory :Yantai Beifang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

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