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buy EPO 3000iu online at our store, Buy high quality EPO online cheap price. buy EPO, EPO for sale online, Erythropoietin is a natural hormone produced by the kidneys.
Buy your 20 kit supply (200 vials) of Erythropoietin (EPO) hormone stimulants online with sufficient stock for a 6 months endurance or training cycle. Whether you are going through blood loss, anemia, hemorrhaging loss or need higher cardiovascular activity to train for endurance sports, EPO can help you become an achiever.

Erythropoietin (EPO) – product details

Erythropoietin stimulating agents ask the receptors in your bone marrow to increase the production of red blood cells. Consequently they decrease the need for blood transfusions, especially in case of anemia, hemorrhaging injuries, hemo-dialysis, iron deficiency, gastro-intestinal bleeding or travel to higher altitudes as your body tries to adjust etc. Anemia occurs due to reduction in erythropoietin levels, a hormone produced by the interstitial cells of the kidneys.

Injections of EPO stimulating agents replace this hormone, with proven medical benefits for increased blood volume and blood cell production. Increased concentration of RBC (red blood cells) allow the body to oxidize more carbohydrates (aerobic respiration), producing more energy, endurance and stamina. 

In the fetus, the Hepatocytes supply us oxygen. In mature adults, EPO proteins help in proliferation, survival and induce the final maturation of partially differentiated erythroid precursors to help produce red cell-specific proteins, like hemoglobin.

EPO (Erythropoietin) as a performance enhancer

1.Rise in oxygen rich blood pumping caused by EPO helps shoot your energy levels by oxidizing carb reserves or localized carb loading you do before workouts. With a 35-50 gms carb load you can work out and train longer. A 3000-4000 iu/day dosage of EPO can burn up the carbs and lend you substantial energy by increasing oxygen supply. For long distance running, endurance weight training and fitness exercise this is a great way to pack in more into your schedule.

2.Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34; 1351, 2002 had Millet and his fellow researchers’ display a study in which leg power, extreme lifting strength, leg strength and overall endurance was found to spike by 90% above baseline with use of EPO. Purchase your wholesale EPO Erythropoietin supply today and fit in higher number of reps or greater cycles of exercise.

EPO MOQ kit can be used to treat hemoglobin, anemia, iron deficiency or enhance endurance within a matter of few weeks with three to five 5000 iu/ day shoots for average 176 lb/80 kg male.

Begin your initial training with 25units/kg of body weight dosage, later peaking at 50 units. In the event of any tiredness, nausea, hyperventilation or similar side effects inform your physician immediately and discontinue use.

EPO and endurance sports

International Olympics Committee (IOC) has banned EPO as a drug which aids unfair advantage over fellow athletes using performance enhancement. However athletics, endurance sports and fitness enthusiasts continue to seek the respiratory advantages. Nowadays, even animals haven’t been spared

1.There have been intermittent accusations that EPO shots have been administered to horses in Sydney (Australia) racing circuit to make them run faster. Their higher body mass to EPO shot ratio makes the trace amount virtually undetectable to the untrained eye, and the effect is only 2/3 seconds. In racing terms however, that’s huge!

2.Marion Jones, a triple gold winner in Olympics was retrospectively debarred from Sydney Olympics (2000) and her three gold medals were taken away with her testing positive for Erythropoietin. While their long-distance runners continue to clinch gold in Olympics and world athletics, Kenya and Ethiopia are notorious for not testing for EPO.

3.Tour de France, one of the most grueling endurance sports competitions (cycling), was always under the suspicion. The infamous crackdown in 1998 with nearly seven members of Festina cycling team admitting to use of EPO broke the back of their reputation. Formerly decorated cycling champion Lance Armstrong has since then admitted to have used EPO to win all his seven Tour De France medals, which were subsequently stripped off him.

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