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buy EPO online at our store, buy EPO injections at cheap price, buy epo, epo for sale online, epo injections, buy EPO online 3000iu each vial, EPO Erythropoietin is the prime regulator of red blood cell production.
Purchase your 5 kit supply (50 vials) of Erythropoietin (EPO) product online with sufficient stock for a 2 months training or endurance period. Whether you are training for that long distance marathon or attempting to increase your heavy-lifting reps, EPO can help you achieve your goals.

Erythropoietin (EPO) – product details

EPO is a hormone naturally produced by our body in response to anemia, hemorrhage or high altitude conditions. The concentration of RBC (red blood cells) increases as a result, assisting the body to turn to be able to oxidize more. Whether you are going for fitness exercise, endurance sports or athletics, it means a better storage of oxygen in the body and higher endurance and stamina.

Hepatocytes supply us EPO even as we are in the fetus. In adults the interstitial cells of the kidney do the same job. EPO Erythropoietin naturally fed by the kidneys. Synthetic versions of EPO have proven medical benefits for increased blood volume and blood cell production. The prolific production of red blood cells helps in increased aerobic respiration (consuming oxygen to produce energy) which in turn lends hyperactivity and less tiredness. EPO proteins help in proliferation, survival and induce the final maturation of partially differentiated erythroid precursors to help produce red cell-specific proteins, like hemoglobin. EPO also has proven medical benefits for hemodialysis and iron deficiency treatment.

Side effects and risks of EPO overdose

Higher count of blood vessels in the body causes rise in viscosity (stickiness and thickness) of the blood, which in turn places tremendous strain on cardiovascular system. Studies have produced inconsistent results but it is generally agreed to potentially cause heart attacks, stroke, hemorrhaging, fever, nausea, overheating of body and seizures. Each of these could be potentially fatal to the body.

EPO (Erythropoietin) as a performance enhancer

1.Millet and his fellow researchers from Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34; 1351, 2002 reported a study which opines extreme lifting, leg power and strength and overall endurance spike by 90% over normal with use of EPO. Buy your online supply of Erythropoietin today and fit in higher number of reps or greater cycles of exercise in your busy time-table.

2.If  you are a long distance runner, or endurance workout enthusiast, your body tends to burn the stored carbohydrates. This may drain your muscles off carbs early, causing injury and early ‘fading’. Rise in oxygen rich blood pumping caused by EPO helps shoot your energy levels by oxidizing carb reserves or localized carb loading you do before workouts. It helps you train longer, with a minimal 30-60 gms carb load. A 3000-4000 iu/day dosage of EPO can burn up the carbs and lend you substantial energy by increasing oxygen supply.

Get your bulk supply of EPO MOQ kit today to treat anemia, hemoglobin or blood disorders or enhanced performance during endurance sports.

Test your body’s response with an initial 25units/kg of body weight dosage, gradually peaking at 50 units. In case of tiredness, nausea, hyperventilation or any side effects inform your physician immediately and discontinue use.

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