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Buy Erythropoietin EPO online from us, buy EPO 3000iu online at best price, buy EPO injections, EPO for sale online, EPO Erythropoietin is a natural hormone produced by the kidneys.
Erythropoietin (EPO) product kit is available for purchase online with 10 vials of 3000iu each. A single kit is intended for a usage of no more than 10 days. Purchase the wholesale supply today for a longer duration of physical training or intended exercise.

Erythropoietin (EPO) – fact file

EPO Erythropoietin is a natural hormone produced by the kidneys. Synthetically produced EPO is used for a number of medical purposes, primarily attached to blood volume and blood cell production. EPO proteins help in proliferation, survival and induce the final maturation of partially differentiated erythroid precursors to help produce red cell-specific proteins, like hemoglobin. The prolific production of red blood cells helps in increased aerobic respiration (consuming oxygen to produce energy) which in turn lends hyperactivity and less tiredness.

Erythropoietin (EPO) – How It Works

Human body produces EPO is a hormone naturally as a response to hemorrhage, anemia, or even survival at very high altitudes. The increased production of RBC (red blood cells), helps the body to turn to more aerobic operation. In terms of athletics, endurance sports or fitness exercise it means a higher concentration of oxygen in the body and greater endurance and stamina. Hepatocytes supply us EPO even as we are in the fetus. In adults the interstitial cells of the kidney do the same job.

Side effects and risks of EPO overdose

The extra blood cells produced cause rise in viscosity (thickness and stickiness) of the blood which makes it more difficult to pump through the arteries. It places enormous strain on cardiovascular system. While research results are highly inconsistent, it is generally agreed upon that it could cause heart attacks, stroke, hemorrhaging, fever, nausea, overheating of body and seizures. One of more of them could be fatal to the human body.

Advantages of Erythropoietin as a performance enhancer

1.Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Reported a study by Millet and friends showing extreme lifting, leg power and strength and overall endurance reported a rise of nearly 90% over normal. This allows you to accommodates higher number of reps or greater cycles of exercise within a tight schedule

2.For long distance running and longer endurance fitness schedules, the body tends to use up stored carbohydrates and muscles get fatigued. This may cause injury and early ‘fading’. EPO allows a temporary increase in oxygen rich blood pumping, oxidizes carb reserves (as well as any carbohydrate load you would have done before workouts) and enables longer training. The requirements in this case is nearly 30-60 gms, which can be countered by 3000-4000iu/day dosage of EPO to burn up the carbs and lend you substantial energy.

Buy your supply of EPO MOQ kit today to treat anemia, hemoglobin or blood disorders or enhanced performance during endurance sports. The dosage must begin with 25 units/kg of body weight gradually rising to 50 units (peak). In case of any side effects inform your physician and discontinue use.

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